Tuscany and Umbria, Italy: great art, architecture and even coastlines.

Whether visiting to see great works of art, stunning classic buildings and churches or beautifully preserved/restored historic hill towns Tuscany (& Umbria) have plenty to offer. Select any of the following virtual tours by simply clicking on the respective, map marker, thumbnail photo or  more >>.


Often neglected in favour of its better known neighbours, Arezzo's historic centre and particularly the Piazza Grande is worth seeing.  more > >

Assisi (Umbria)

Assisi's combination of architecture and spiritual  "feel" will leave a lasting impression.  more > >

Castiglione della Pescaia

Combine a little history with beautiful views, beaches,  restaurants and bars for an alternative view of Tuscany?  more > >


Fancy experiencing climbing steep historic streets in the Tuscan sun? Cortona will charm you and make it all worthwhile........  more > >


Visit this beautiful island and understand how much Napoleon must have regretted escaping his (fairly comfortable) exile here.  more > >

Florence (Firenze)

Florence (Firenze) need we say more?  OK.....  more > >


Lucca is easy to explore on foot (watch out for the cyclists) you'll find the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro charming.  more > >

Montecatini Terme & Alto

A charming hilltop town or alternatively a luxurious spa resort between Lucca and  Florence.  more > >


Walking boots on to explore the history of another of the great Tuscan hill townsmore > >

North Coast: Viareggio, Carrara & Massa

Viareggio, Versilia's main resort, stylish rather than brash. Further north; historic towns within site of the sea and one of Tuscany's finest castles.   more > >

Perugia (Umbria)

An obvious one to combine with Assisi, Perugia is a thriving and attractive capital city of Umbria, with noble buildings and its National Gallery.  more > >


Join the rest and get your photograph supporting the leaning tower.......  more > >

San Gimignano

The only town where you can still percieve the medieval Tuscan fetish for building bigger towers than their neighbours.  more > >


Distinctive in architecture and colour (sienna), the site of the world's greatest historic horse race. Siena is a truly great city. ,.  more > >


Unfairly less popular than some of its neighbours, Volterra has evident history that spans millenium and all the usual Tuscan highlights.  more > >