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Ferry to Elba Portoferraio Piazza della Repubblica Climb up to the Fortress
Ferry to Elba Portoferraio Piazza della Repubblica Climb up to the Fortress

When you take the ferry to the Island of Elba you arrive in Portoferraio, Elba's largest city and the view from the sea of the coast and the town itself is beautiful. Portoferraio itself has an attractive port area and just off this you will find Piazza della Repubblica with the Palazzo Comunale  and the Parish Church (1548).  Just off the Piazza is Via Napoleone and a steep climb up to the top of the hill.

Lighthouse at Fort Stella Within Forte Stella Former residence of Napoleon
Lighthouse at Forte Stella Private houses within Fort Former residence of Napoleon

Heading east you will arrive at  Forte Stella one of two defensive ramparts from Medician times, the other Forte Falcone lies to the west and in between is Piazzale Napoleone  and Napoleon's residence when exiled on Elba for 9 months in 1814 before escaping to commence the 100 days campaign, his subsequent defeat at Waterloo and final exile on St Helena.

A Tour of the Island

Caletta di Punta Schioppo Marciana Marina Marciana Marina Marciana Marina Port
Caletta di P.Schioppo Marciana Marina Marciana Marina Marciana Marina:Port

Heading west around the island from Portoferraio you will find the beautiful Caletta beach accessible by a trailing staircase along the cliffs.  Whilst Marciana itself is one of Elba's most ancient settlements Marciana Marina (a pleasant 20km drive west of Portoferrai) is an attractive and lively modern resort. It has an extensive port area and plenty of bars and restaurants. At the far end of the port is the Medicean Tower.

Monte Perrone Torre di San Giovanni Marina di Campo
Monte Perrone Torre di S.Giovanni Marina di Campo

Fancy a change of scenery and some fresh air? Heading inland over Monte Perrone to experience Elba's winding mountain roads and beautiful lush scenery. There is a picnic site near the top. Dropping down on the other side towards  Marina di Campo you will find the Medicean Torre di S.Giovanni with countryside views down to Marina di Campo.  

Port at Marina di Campo Coastal Road Golf of Lacona Porto Azzuro
Marina di Campo:Port Coastal Road Golf of Lacona Porto Azzuro

Marina di Campo is Elba's second largest town and has a fishing and tourist port and the longest beach on Elba. To the east is  the Golf of Lacona and Porto Azurro which is another coastal town with a dominating  fortress (Fort of San Giovanni) now a prison. .